Branding Service


Customising your workwear

We can provide a range of options for branding your workwear, and we understand how important it is that your brand image is consistent and clear.

The most common branding alternatives are:


Embroidery is a method of applying your brand to workwear items by using thread.  An image of your logo is converted into a stitchable format by a process known as digitising.  This is then embroidered directly onto clothes, hats, bags or any fabric items.  It is long-lasting and is excellent for logos with lots of colours and for items which will get a lot of wear and tear.  Individual names can also be embroidered onto uniforms.

Screen Printing

Screen printing applies your brand to clothing using ink.  Your logo is converted into screens, with one screen for each colour.  Ink is then drawn across each screen onto the garment and dried.  It is excellent for large logos with a limited number of colours.

We can also offer other branding options such as digital heat transfer and direct-to-garment printing.

Design Your Uniform with Us!

Please feel free to contact us or call us on (08) 6180 2920 to discuss branding options.